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     HH-2 Primary Deck Covering

     HQ-1 Lightweight Primary ...
     HQ-2 Super Lightweight ...
     HH-3 (A-60 Class) Fireproof...
     HH-4 (A-60 Class) Fireproof...
     HH-5 (A-60 Class) SuperLight...
     HHF-1 (A-60 Class) Floating...
     HX-1 Open Deck Covering
     HJL-1 Leveling Deck Covering
     HT-02 Marine Covering Coat
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      This company is a professional marine deck coverings manufacturer which has much more 30 years. It locates in the shore of the Tai Lake, close to the No.104 state highway, and has very convenient communications.

      The products of this company have been firstly successfully developed according to the relevant provisions of the Amendments to “International Convention of Safety of Life at Sea”(SOLAS) 1974, as Amended. The main technical indexes of the products are in accordance with the relevant domestic and international Rules and Standards. The products have been acquired the Works Approval by CCS and also type approval by CCS, LR, ABS, GL, DNV, BV, NK, KR and EC in turn.

      The products of this company are whole types and form series, can meet the demands of all kinds of deck covering for ship cabins and outdoors. In the wide-area applications of the domestic military ships and civil ships constructed in domestic most large-scale or middle-scale shipyards, it is demonstrated that the performances of the products are stable, and the reactions to the customers are very good.

      The products of this company have the advantages of high quality, reasonable price, simple technology and convenient application. We warmly welcome to select and use our products.

      This company has strong technical strength, perfect inspection and testing facilities, established the modern quality management system according to ISO9001:2000 which was certified by China Classification Society Quality Assurance Co., Ltd.(CSQA), and further more closely cooperating with various shipyards and shipbuilding design and research institutes, together makes more contributions to developing more newer and better products and the my country’s shipbuilding development.

       Huzhou City Huicheng Marine Covering Co.,Ltd.  Tel:0572-2042222  Fax:0572-2045524
    Address: No.1 Licun Road , Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province   E-mail:huicheng1122@126.com
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